1. Using ChatGPT as a Proxy for Common Thought
    Earlier this week, as part of the first of a series of talks to a group of product creators, I referenced a list of characteristics of good leadership that was produced by ChatGPT. The use of this controversial technology seems to have upstaged my intention.
  2. A cup of tea, not a piece of cake
    The website wasn’t working. This website you’re reading now: It wasn’t working. Could I fix it by busying myself in a comfortable panic loop?
  3. Interrogating my semantic tendencies
    We all (should) know that introspection drives improvement and growth. But what if we believe something so intensely that it seems beyond conscious analysis? This is about semantic HTML and whether generic elements should even exist. Climb on board and strap in for the intersection of existentialism and web development that no one asked for.
  4. Writing about oneself
    Like many people, I find it difficult to write about myself in a positive way that really highlights my accomplishments. Updating my LinkedIn profile required years of preparation.
  5. Content creators, meet HTML headings
    Many accessibility problems stem from content creators using headings inappropriately. I look at how headings are part of a webpage’s structure and where mistakes happen.