1. Human-centred design might destroy us
    Human-centred design seems wonderful on paper. It’s helped lots of people and its benefits are so easy to see. Unfortunately, its popularity and wide-spread practice might lead to our extinction.
  2. On the joy of watching experts work
    Trying to share the sheer joy I derive from watching Stewart Lee’s comedy, I found it easier to describe the experience of watching another expert practitioner.
  3. There are still amazing things out there
    This morning I got to see something I never could have imagined actually existed. It gave me so much joy that I spent the next few hours just allowing the world to amaze me. Sometimes wonderful things from 40 years ago can also be brand new. (Warning: contains references to pop culture figures and works that might induce nostalgia.)
  4. Delightful Associations
    I might see something out in the world. It triggers a gentle, pleasant, mental warmth, released by a fond memory.
  5. Using ChatGPT as a Proxy for Common Thought
    Earlier this week, as part of the first of a series of talks to a group of product creators, I referenced a list of characteristics of good leadership that was produced by ChatGPT. The use of this controversial technology seems to have upstaged my intention.