1. Content creators, meet HTML headings
    Many accessibility problems stem from content creators using headings inappropriately. I look at how headings are part of a webpage’s structure and where mistakes happen.
  2. Accessibility is a nuanced problem
    Some notes about how I think about digital accessibility and how we can make it a more common practice in digital products. It’s everybody’s responsibility -> It’s just that most people don’t know that, they don’t care and it sounds hard.
  3. A little Sass & CSS problem
    Wanting to make use of CSS custom properties for consistency and the powerful controls that come with Sass variables, I coded myself into a hole until I found documentation about a breaking change.
  4. Resistance to writing
    I wanted to write and I don’t write. This is a complicated scenario that I face by myself, but in which I know I am not alone.
  5. Spending 90 minutes to save 2
    Working with technology can mean a lot of repetitive tasks. Is the time taken to automate them worth it? This is what it took to make remove more barriers to blogging.