Other places to find me

Where I share other stuff

Some words
They’re right here on this very site, in the section marked “Writing”.
Older words are on my preëxisting blog, named Little Running Bear because I used to be cute.
Some pictures
I sometimes remember to update my Flickr photostream. When I started sharing on that site, I only had printed photos and a scanner. Uploading photos became easier over the decades, but my need to share decreased.
There is still an Instagram account but I don’t enjoy engaging with Meta’s services.
Toots and whatnot
Marvel at my very limited interaction with Mastadon.
Also, I’m now also barely engaging with Bluesky
Film diaries
I was an early adopter of Letterboxd (February 2012!) but it didn’t take at the time. But now you can see all the films I’ve watched since July 2019.
Music diaries
I believe strongly in purchasing music and supporting artists. My Bandcamp profile shows you what I’ve bought recently and what I am keeping an ear out for.
I don’t use music streaming services, but you can keep up to date with what I’m listening to on Last.fm.
My favourite listening still happens via what I call my “big stereo”. I love album covers and share a collection of what I’ve played recently on my Flickr “Records” album.
Code noodling
I mostly used CodePen for a quick way to explain HTML and CSS concepts to people, but maybe I’ll build some cool stuff there too. Who knows?