I made the website and got it working so that it is properly responsive[1] and passes automated accessibility tests. Now it even has an RSS feed[2].

This means there’s no excuse to not start using this as my casual writing platform for ideas and opinions.

Over on the old website I wrote that there was already no excuse to not have a casual writing platform for ideas and opinions (or something like that). Still, that wasn’t enough to get me actually working writing.

I found the idea of logging-in to WordPress too much of a burden to use it for my thought-capturing device. It wasn’t just the logging in, though. It was also the way I habitualised my casual writing.

I use Markdown a lot. I capture notes in my text editor and I use Markdown for the simple, keyboard-based application of styling and adding hyperlinks. Recently this has gone even further and I started using my text editor as a replacement for Evernote, to help keep my thoughts organised.

I wanted to be able to write in Markdown, save a file and have it automatically added to my blog. Creating with 11ty and hosting on Netlify means that I come pretty close to that. Now I save a file and then publish it to my git repository. This triggers netlify to do a new build of the site and my blog post is published with an updated RSS feed.

So, that’s pretty neat for me and probably doesn’t mean a lot for you. Most people in my life don’t understand what I’m talking about when I mention this stuff. All you need to know is that there should be new things here fairly regularly.

  1. I still get a kick out of the responsive image at the top of the A List Apart “Responsive Web Design” page. If you have the opportunity to widen and narrow your browser, it’s worth having a look. ↩︎

  2. Find out more about RSS from Brent Simmons. He created NetNewsWire, which is still my favourite way to get updates. ↩︎