1. I am learning so much
    In which I write about the things I have learnt, up to this point, in building a brand new website.
  2. RSS means it is time to get writing
    In which I’m proud of having made something I wanted
  3. Controlling the hounds of creativity
    In which I rediscover the joy of making things amidst the self-critical thoughts and ever increasing lists of things to do.
  4. Spending 90 minutes to save 2
    Working with technology can mean a lot of repetitive tasks. Is the time taken to automate them worth it? This is what it took to make remove more barriers to blogging.
  5. Resistance to writing
    I wanted to write and I don’t write. This is a complicated scenario that I face by myself, but in which I know I am not alone.
  6. A cup of tea, not a piece of cake
    The website wasn’t working. This website you’re reading now: It wasn’t working. Could I fix it by busying myself in a comfortable panic loop?
  7. Drawing out my learning